Kristan Shimpi

Counting Down the Days!

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Counting Down the Days!

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Kristan Shimpi

About the Author

Kristan Shimpi, residing just outside Charleston, South Carolina, brings over two decades of expertise to the table. With a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and extensive experience at the Duke Child and Family Study Center, Kristan is well-equipped to guide families through challenging times. Her passion lies in helping parents manage home and school behaviors while nurturing the growth of young girls into confident individuals.

The Thoughtful Mom

Kristan writes “The Thoughtful Mom” blog, a peaceful space for reflections on parenting, mindfulness, and life’s journey. It fosters a warm and wise online community.

Kristan Shimpi

Laugh, Love, And Learn With ‘Smooch’s World'

‘Smooch’s World’ is an ode to the chaos and comfort of family life with a four-legged whirlwind. Kristan Shimpi weaves a narrative stitched with love, laughter, and the spirited shenanigans of an unforgettable canine who redefined ‘easy to train.’ Ready for slobbery kisses?

Be Part Of The Conversation—Find Out Why This Book Is A Must-Read

What’s holding you back from the life you desire? Kristan Shimpi’s penetrating insights dismantle the barriers of self-doubt and limitation. Equip yourself with the courage to confront your own boundaries and watch them crumble.

Kristan’s Books

Look at the unseen and unheard through the eyes of Kristan. She presents the passport to the worlds of imagination, insight, and inspiration that await your turn of the page.

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Shifting paradigms and inspiring new ways of thinking.

  • Parents can get tailored consultations to deal with the behavioral challenges of their children.
  • A fun and engaging activity book designed to empower elementary-age girls with essential life skills.

The Chronicles Behind the Story

Smooch’s World will take you behind the scenes of a family’s life, sharing the laughs, the quirks, and the unbreakable bonds that only a pet like Smooch can forge.

Smooch's World: We Just Lived in It

This book is an affirmation of the unexpected paths our lives can take and the profound, unconditional love that pets bring into our homes and hearts. It’s a narrative that will make you laugh, perhaps cry, and certainly reflect on the richness that a single soul, even one covered in fur, can add to our lives.

The anecdotes of Smooch’s antics and affection will inspire you to embrace life’s surprises with joy and to appreciate the beauty of accepting love in its purest form, even when it comes bounding over to you with a wet nose and a wagging tail. K

Kristan Shimpi’s journey with Smooch shows that our hearts don’t always need what we think they do – sometimes they need more, sometimes less, but always love. Through Smooch’s story, you may find yourself moved to cherish the simple moments and to love a little more freely, a little more fully, just as Smooch did.

Let's Talk

The Let’s TALK Activity Book is designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Packed with a variety of engaging activities, this book aims to help you become your best self by developing essential life skills. Learn how to solve problems effectively, cultivate healthy friendships, and stay true to who you are.

Navigating friendships and understanding your own identity can be challenging. This book provides you with practical strategies and exercises to explore and practice these important aspects of life. Through its thoughtful activities, you’ll gain valuable insights into yourself and how to interact positively with others.

Remember, the journey to being your best self starts with understanding and staying true to who you are. Let this book be your guide as you embark on this exciting path of personal development.

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Real Stories, Genuine Impact

Kristan Shimpi's story with Smooch is a heartwarming tale that resonates with anyone who's ever opened their home to a pet. Smooch's larger-than-life personality leaps off the pages, teaching us about the joys and challenges of love and chaos in a family. Reading about their journey was a poignant reminder of the beauty of embracing life's imperfections."

Ella S. Readers

This book is an absolute treasure, packed with laughter and lessons in love. Smooch the bullmastiff may not have been the calm companion Kristan expected, but the boundless affection and unforgettable memories she brought to the family are captured beautifully in every chapter. It's a must-read for any animal lover."

Theo M Readers

3. As a pet owner, 'Smooch's Story' hit close to home. It's a touching narrative that perfectly captures the unpredictability and pure love of sharing your life with a four-legged friend. The adventures of Kristan and Smooch are both entertaining and deeply moving. It's a celebration of the all-too-brief, yet incredibly rich lives our pets lead with us."

Jordan T. Readers


Explore my latest musings on life, parenting, and the delightful chaos of raising pets, all designed to entertain, inspire, and resonate with you.